Building Your Social Media Buzz through Blogging

Building Your Social Media Buzz through Blogging

The fight is on for attention of members and followers of social networks and many have adopted diverse strategies to attract and build a following. Some of these strategies require hard work and persistence and look to build a slow and strong audience. Others that promise to get you right to the front of the pack quickly use provocative approach like rent Facebook friends or buy Instagram followers. Like with anything however, quick gains come with a price.

Today, one of the premiere ways to build you social media audience is to use a blog to create and market content there. Here are the ways to use your blog to generate social media buzz.


Work every way possible to get compelling content

Acquiring and posting compelling high quality content is at the heart of every successful blog. Getting this done however create a great challenge because writing compelling content is such a challenging undertaking. The need to come up with great topics that resonate with your audience and keep them coming back to read more can be pretty daunting.  Fortunately, there are a bevy of ideas for acquiring great content that you can adopt.

  1. First, take courses in writing blog type posts. You need to do this so you can write but also so you can bring others on to write and understand what a quality blog contains. So look for an online course that can teach you blog post writing.
  1. Look for already created quality content you can put up on your blog. There are hundreds of blogs on every topic and most of them get little attention. Sometimes this is not due to the content they contain. Approach some of these blogs and ask to create a relationship whereby you can share their content in exchange for any benefits you can offer. If you are currently or plan to generate revenue from advertising (and you should) share this revenue with the blog writers (there is software and standards already in place that makes this easy). The bottom line is you end up with quality blog posts and they get revenue and/or other benefits. You should also understand the rules about intellectual property rights so that you can see if there is any content you would like to post that is public domain (meaning, you do not need anyone’s permission to use it).

Also, use one of the many online tools like Google Trends or Portent that provide you with information about the most shared and loved topics on social media that fall under your blog’s niche or focus. This type of software can tell you the number of shares received by trending topics and also lets you identify those who are the hottest purveyors of those topics.

Learn how best post to social networks

Each social network has its own flow and approach to posting content. Some like twitter can take a constant stream of posts without them seeming overwhelming. Others like Facebook are set up for members to digest fewer posts. Learn how each of these social networks flow so you can determine how often to post and with what content you should post to your followers and friends.